world’s most boring website

welcome to the world’s most snoring, er, world’s most boring website, an ode, a paean to, a celebration of, boredom. we hope you can make it through our ponderous, tiresome home page at least before you fall asleep. if you can stand it, you can view the rest of the monotonous, wearisome pages on the world’s most boring website by using the links on the lefthand side of the page.

gee, imagine that, a site with navigation links on the lefthand side of the page. how undramatic. how stale. how… boring.

(well, okay, now that we’ve entered the modern era and made this boring website compatible with “mobile devices” [translated: tablets and/or smartphones], the navigation links aren’t necessarily on the lefthand side of the page.  well, they are if you’re on an old-fashioned desktop or laptop computer, and maybe even on a big-enough tablet.  But on a smartphone, you’ve gotta tap that funny-looking square with the three horizontal lines on the top righthand corner of your phone’s screen.  complicated, huh?)

so, anyway, grab a cup or three of coffee or something else with lots of caffeine in it and “enjoy”… the world’s most boring website.

world’s most boring website joins the modern world

so if you’ve been here before, you’ve probably noticed we’ve changed the way we look.  still boring, mind you, but nevertheless different.

we had to change the site’s design and format.  the big g was going to make it difficult to find this site on your “mobile device” (geez, how we hate that phrase!) unless it was “mobile device” friendly.

so, if you’re visiting our website on your “mobile device” for the first time, after having visited us before on your desktop or laptop, we welcome you with open arms and hope you find this website just as boring on your phone or tablet as it is on the big computer!

p.s. here’s what we used to look like.

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