about the world’s most boring website

alas, as noted on the world’s most boring home page, we’ve had to update the design of this website to make it visible and navigable on smartphones and tablets.  in other words, we’ve had to join the modern world (kicking and screaming all the way, mind you).

gone are (or soon will be) the old pages coded by hand in notepad (see our old “about us” content below or check out what this page looked like before we changed the design).

but hey, we’ve kept it as boring as possible regardless.  right?

old “about the world’s most boring website” page

the world’s most boring website was created with notepad, coded mostly (some of the photo galleries are a notable exception) by hand. no cutting and pasting from other websites or html programs (for the most part, anyway, but we did do some cutting and pasting within and between pages of this website). what could be more boring than that?

the design is plain-jane vanilla. almost everything is white and gray (a few things, such as visited links, are black; some color and sepia-tone photos are also on this website). the font is your standard arial family, links are underlined to distinguish them from other text. there’s very little bold styling (pretty much just the headlines and subheadlines), very little italics are used, most fontage is the same size, etc. hey, it’s gotta be tired and boring.

we created this website because while there are plenty of boring websites out there, they fall into one of three camps: either they’re just hideously designed (and hideous design may be bad, but it’s not necessarily boring); or the authors of the website didn’t quite get it right due to laziness (in a few cases, the website owners admit as much); or they’re unintentionally boring (i.e. they were created to cover some arcane, dull topic the website’s creators were thrilled about).

we wanted to do boring right. it takes hard work to get it right, and believe us when we tell you, this was no small feat. but we think we did a decent job.

we hope you agree.

and in case we haven’t made this “about us” page uninteresting enough, we’ve added two elements found on many a boring corporate website that puts most visitors to sleep: vision and mission statements!

world’s most boring vision statement

Our vision is ultimately to bore every web surfer in the world at least once in his, her or its lifetime, and to do our part to eradicate the scourge of insomnia, one visitor to this website at a time.

world’s most boring mission statement

Our mission is boring every web surfer who visits here and curing insomnia.

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