links that stink: links to other boring websites

links to other boring websites

a listing of boredom on the internet. we can’t possibly include every website on the internet that bores because, quite frankly, we’re too bored to look for them. so if you’re aware of a boring website we should add to this list, please tell us at boring | at | worldsmostboringwebsite | dot | com. we’ll even give you a plug, if you choose.

please note all of the links listed below will open in a new browser window or tab.

the humorless twit – a shameless plug for the site that started this one.  also, a site arguably just as boring as this one.

stumbleupon’s boring tag –’s page with links to other boring websites.  wondering if you came to this site via stumbleupon’s boring websites page…

twitter boring hashtag – twitter’s #boring page.  some people would say every page there is boring but we digress…

the most boring site – a website that styles itself “the most boring site.”  the question is “the most boring site where?”  certainly not the world as we proudly hold that title!

the official watching paint dry webcam – thinking about watching paint dry makes us yawn….  kinda hard to beat watching paint dry for boredom though.  hey, that gives us an idea….

watching grass grow (warning: cheesy music alert!) – a webcam aimed at a coloradan’s lawn, this website is actually a little more than the title suggests (the website owner is a fan of the colorado rockies, for example). but hey, what could be more boring than watching grass grow? oh, be sure to “click for super-size!!!” (sic) for a “special” treat.  we ask ourselves, though, does watching grass grow beat watching paint dry (see above) for boredom?

the most boring website ever! – it’s hard to disagree.  pretty darn boring.

how to grip a golf club. – with our apologies to the golf-playing visitors to our website, we present… an entire webpage dedicated to a golf grip. or in the words of the contributor who sent this to us, “how to hold a stick to hit a ball.”  in fairness, playing golf is fun. watching others do it on the tv, though, is a different story….

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