the world’s most boring reading room

welcome to the world’s most boring reading room, where you’ll find a veritable snooze-a-palooza of the most tedious reading materials in the world. it makes great bathroom reading material–just take your tablet or phone into the bathroom with you!

if you prefer, you could always waste some good paper and print it out to carry with you into the loo. as a plus, if you run out of toilet paper… well, you’d know what to do.

be sure to visit often as we’ll be updating this page with, ahem, “new,” dreary, boring reading material regularly. if there’s an item you’d like to suggest, be sure and give us a nod before you nod off, at boring | at | worldsmostboringwebsite | dot | com.

boring books for boring reading

paul clifford | by edward bulwer-lytton

the book that inspired the bulwer-lytton fiction contest  (“where ‘www’ means ‘wretched writers welcome’). it begins with the (in)famous line “it was a dark and stormy night…” then it goes downhill from there….
snooze on…

war and peace | by leo tolstoy

a classic of epic proportions, war and peace by famed russian author leo tolstoy is nevertheless, ahem, boring. its one of the longest books ever written and not easy to read. don’t say you haven’t been warned….
snooze on…

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