war and peace, book 1

book 01

book one war and peace by leo tolstoy

welcome to book one of leo tolstoy’s war and peace. book one, of fifteen books plus two epilogues. with each of the fifteen books and two epilogues split into numerous chapters each.

links to chapters in book 1

let that sink in for a moment.

there, now. we hope you’ve had a good strong dose of caffeine. you’re going to need it if you decide to brave this epic, yet boring, novel.

so, how long is book one of war and peace?  book one contains 48,031 words and 271,547 characters, divided into 28 chapters (links to all 28 chapters of book one, as well as to the remaining books and the epilogues of war and peace, will be posted as each chapter and book gets posted).  hard to say exactly what the number of pages are in book one (or in all of war and peace for that matter).  it all depends on how the pages are laid out, the font used, the font size, spacing between each character, word, line and paragraph, etc.

well, enough dilly-dallying. the journey of a thousand miles (or in the case of war and peace, 564,364 words) begins with the first step. so hurry up and get to it!

war and peace by leo tolstoy book one – chapters