war and peace by leo tolstoy, book 2

book 02

book two war and peace by leo tolstoy

“bienvenue” to book two of war and peace by leo tolstoy. if you’ve read book one of war and peace–which we hope you, ahem, enjoyed–then you should know what “bienvenue” means. or at least, you should know it’s french (it means “welcome,” in case you didn’t know).

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with book one under your belt (we presume), you might just want to go on ahead to book two of war and peace. at least if you’re into action and got easily bored with book one’s endless debutante balls and whatnot, you should like the fact that leo tolstoy started book two with a scene from the war.

also, book two of war and peace is less wordy than book one. book two contains 40,583 words, 233,305 characters and 21 chapters. links to those chapters and to the remaining books and the epilogues of war and peace will be posted below and in the sitemap for leo tolstoy’s war and peace (in the links on the lefthand side of this page) just as soon as we’re done posting all the books and chapters of war and peace.


war and peace by leo tolstoy book two – chapters