war and peace by leo tolstoy, book 3

book 03

book three war and peace by leo tolstoy

so you’ve slogged through books one and two of leo tolstoy’s classic (if boring and long) war and peace. we presume you’re a glutton for punishment and will continue with this book, book three.

book three has the odd distinction (if you can call it that) of having so many words (44,232, to be exact) in such few chapters (19). we whipped out our calculators so you wouldn’t have to, and came up with an average of 2,328 words per chapter in book three. that’s more than any other book in the entire novel, including the epilogues.

after book three, don’t forget you’ve got another twelve books, plus two epilogues (each of which is about equal to an entire book). that is if you want to read all of war and peace.

have fun.

war and peace by leo tolstoy book three – chapters