war and peace by leo tolstoy, book 4

book 04

book four war and peace by leo tolstoy

if you survived books one, two and three of leo tolstoy’s war and peace, you’re in for a “treat,” of sorts. the first three books of war and peace had 40,000-plus words each. book four is “light’ reading in comparison, with “just” 23,545 words.

other stats on book four of war and peace:

132,165 characters
16 chapters
average number of words per chapter: 1,471.56
average number of characters per chapter: 8,260.31

also, at least in terms of books, you are now one fifth of the way through war and peace. put another way, that’s twenty percent. not including the epilogues, of course.

so keep plugging away. and before you know it, you might very well be done reading war and peace!

war and peace by leo tolstoy book four – chapters