world’s most boring videos

if you thought the rest of this website was boring… if you thought reading boring content was boring… if you thought you couldn’t get more bored by this website… prepare to be truly bored! feast your eyes and ears on a stunning representation of boredom!

that’s right, presenting… the world’s most boring videos!

each video uniquely captures the spirit of boring-ness in video and sound, for a multi-sensory, multimedia implosion of boredom!

you’ll laugh! you’ll scream! you’ll… fall asleep!

the world’s most boring videos

watching grass growing slide show
ever wondered what grass looks like while it’s growing? wonder no more!

audiobook videos

war and peace by leo tolstoy
so far we’ve only got the first three chapters of book one, but there’s more to bore, er, to come…

war and peace – book one audiobook videos

war and peace Рbook two audiobook videos

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